Adamas (Country)

Adamas is a country in the north of the Siranian Empire, protected from the south by high mountains, and from the east and west by two rivers whose beds snake on flanked by marshes.  To the north, Adamas is hemmed by the sea whose shores are home to the largest city of this small country – Visan Aira. In fact, it is a big port harbouring the country’s navy. The Adamantian fleet lords over the northern ocean, Maranudran.

The fleet ensures safety for sea-merchants and holds an ongoing dominance over the waters of Maranudran.

As a country, Adamas is fertile to the north and mountainous to the east – its climate is already cold and bleak but its woods are amongst the most beautiful in the Empire, its white rocks towering all the way to the sky. People of Adamas – Adamantians – are divided into three main distinct subgroups – The Forest Folk, The Filed Folk and The Bog Folk, each with noteworthy customs and traditions (more of it in a separate article).

To the south of Visant Aira stretch fertile plains and hilltops that slowly turn into mountain slopes. Directly south, some eighty miles from the shore, towers the highest peak of the Adamantian Mountains, Mount Adamas.  One of its deep saddlebacks nestles the white City of Adamas – a miniature of the magical Sairis – while another saddle supports the steep-walled Kirasa, a fortress watching over one of the few passes in these mountains.

Closer view on Adamas Country on the map of Empire of Sirania. Country is protected from the south by high mountain range and from the west by marshes; 1 – harbour city of Visant Aira; 2 – Tower of Adamas and down below City of Adamas

At the very tip of the sharp-peaked Adamas is the Citadel, the abode of Maghavan Adamas, the true protector, god and lord of the country

In the City of Adamas under the Mount Adamas at the spring of the Adamas River lies the famed School of Rulers. Once in a time, twenty-one gifted children are selected to study here over the course of twenty-one years in preparation for ruling. During this time, a narrower selection is made every seven years until only the best three pupils remain.

Location of Adamas Country inside of Empire of Sirania

These three – educated in history, warfare, combat, magic, art, sciences, religions, geography and many other things for more than twenty years – are meant to rule. Nonetheless, only one becomes an actual ruler.

The other two, who were not chosen, either become teachers of the school or take up diplomatic duties beyond the country’s borders. Both of them, however, remain available as substitutes in case a misfortune befell the chosen Ruler before the end of his official tenure. The Ruler has Ministers elected by him, his teachers and other experts. The Ministers are the executors of his will in the fields of their expertise.

All of the above functions independently of Adamas, who is the true ruler of the country and can at any time stand in for any of the Ministers and veto any decision. In any place he wishes, he can intervene into the executive as well as religious matters. His deeds are considered sacred and indisputable.