Adamas is the son of Adimaghavan Indar. Indar is considered the mightiest being in all of Grand. He comes from an excellent line of divine and semi-divine beings; he was chosen by fate, received a brilliant education and became, in direct succession, a Maghavan, a Paramaghavan and a thousand years later, the Adimaghavan. As the head of the Maghavan Order, he rules the Gandharian Empire as well as all non-Gandharian Maghavans. He is the wielder of the divine Thunderwedge, a weapon that can hurl adamantium bolts of lightning. Such is Adamas’ father.

His mother is Apiris, the stellar goddess and the foremother to all the Dryads. All wild forests, inaccessible mountains, untameable beasts and, most importantly, the unchanging, unreachable stars, are dedicated to her. Her love for Indar is genuine, ideal, fateful and limitless. It is said that since she fell in love with him, the stars have shown more brightly and some of them can even be reached if the Goddess is in high enough spirits to allow it. Such is Adamas’ mother.

When Indar became the Adimaghavan, he was informed by the Maghavans supervising the rules of heredity and the family lines of Gods that his line was spent.  He was told he was the last of a famous line, the unrepeatable peak beyond which there was only a fall into weakness and darkness. But the Adimaghavan didn’t heed their words and decided to act in accordance with other things. He took Apiris as his wife and they produced three sons: the eldest Adamas (the Untameable One), the elder Amaras (the Immortal One) and the youngest Savitar (the Shining One). These are but substitutes for their real names that remain hidden. 

The children, however, did not by far achieve the nobleness and beauty of their parents – just as the Maghavans had foretold. Adamas rebelled against his father, falling in love with himself and his enterprises, Amaras completely succumbed to evil and became one of the Archons, and Savitar, the youngest and the weakest, was lost many ages ago.

Adamas, a seemingly blue-clad (Aiurnantian) Maghavan, with the body of a giant, a wrestler, a genie, is the lord of all adamantium – the indestructible metal that forms the bodies of gods. Maghavans had their swords and armour wrought from it. Like every Maghavan, Adamas has a diamond set in his brow and is clad in armour and cloak. When dealing with people, he is a bit over two swords tall, harmoniously built with a beautiful, mighty face like that of an Azharian, and his cheeks and the crown of his head are clean-shaven. Every shape of his body is like one wrought from a diamond or metal – hard and round like in a machine, concealing energy.

Upon becoming a Maghavan, he refused obedience to his father and left west – to Sirania. There he defeated a dark-mage in combat and took his land – which he called Adamas. He formally agreed to become a part of the Empire but his loyalty remains questionable.