The City of Temples. A city with exceptionally diverse architecture. In ancient times, the first Empress of Sirania decided to gather shrines and sanctuaries of all the world’s religions to one place. Henceforward, every discovered or newly emerged religion is called upon by the Siranian emissaries and presented with a request to build a model shrine right here in the city. Thus, the style and architecture of Sir is very heterogenous as, faithful to the Empress’ wishes, every cult or religion applies its own, specific and original architectural style.

Many religions bear a grudge against one another and so despite reserving the sanguinary side of their quarrels for the outside of the sacred city, they adamantly refuse to enter certain quarters and temples. Thus, organizing the annual common religious feast is often excruciatingly hard work.

Though it might not be obvious at first glance, there is a thriving underworld as well as plotting and scheming in the city, and the monastic police are constantly on duty.

On the other hand, suppliers and merchants are beaming with happiness: nowhere else in the Empire do people buy so many golden goblets, sandalwood, black goats, white bulls, expensive robes, daggers and poisons.

The sacred city lives mainly on tourism since for many religions Sir is a holy place where, at different times, crowds of pilgrims gather in abundance. Almost every day is a holiday for one of the religions in question, and frequently more than one of the cults celebrate their holy festivities on the same day.