About the Halls

The Halls are peculiar spaces lying on other than the three-dimensional axis. They are places where the characteristics of the space are dictated by a different prevailing, or even dominating, force. In the wide world of the Uruloka, these forces are mixed but in the Halls, one always overrules the others. He who has little understanding of the nature of the Halls can assume the individual spaces have nothing to do with one another, but the wise ones have discovered that all Halls, though vastly different in appearance, share a much similar structure.

The Halls are independent spaces permeating the Uruloka. They are all connected to its plain through the Scent; they weave into it with the help of the Antechamber and are fully present at the tip of the Threshold. The force emanating from them gives its light, taste and beauty to the Uruloka; it is a yarn that partakes in the creation of the whole. A person entering the Hall enters the source whence the force spring. He enters the realm of this force.

A strange aspect that has to do with the Halls is a phenomenon known as the “unfurling carpet” – a process noted by all who at some point come into contact with the Hall. The unfurling happens as follows: when the pilgrim begins to approach the Hall (or the Hall the pilgrim), his every step brings him closer to it even if he turned around and practically started moving away from it. The Hall’s carpet keeps unfurling before the traveller regardless of his direction and the only way to return from the Hall, to really “turn about”, is to defy its power. This, however, few uninitiates can do.

The Halls are countless in number, though the great and powerful among them are not as many. There are said to be “High” Halls, i.e. such that are inherently higher than the rest of the Uruloka, and “Deep” Halls, lying “below” the flat surface of the vast world. The Sun Hall and the Star Hall rank among the High Halls. The Wood Hall is neutral while the Moon Hall is the highest of the Deep Halls.